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The Stealth (M04) is a beautiful-looking bead blasted yoyo – with its stainless steel weight ring, and smooth finish it makes it a killer deal. This is our best performing budget bi-metal to date and goes so fast it is hard to keep stocked!

Made from top-quality 7075 aluminium

Bearing Size

C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)

Bearing Type

Center Trac – Central Bearing Co





Response System



64.8 Grams



YoYo Material



Midnight Matte Blue, Rainbow Red, Blue Lighting Bolt Splash, Space Galaxy

3 reviews for MagicYoYo Stealth

  1. 3 out of 5


    Pretty well made yoyo, the 7075 body and the stainless steel rim give it a light feeling, and it is faster than it looks. The finish is beautiful and grinds well.

    What kinda freaks me out is that the axle is poorly made, sometimes it just stuck on one side the yoyo and you can not twist the two halves together at all and it is just

    HARD AS HELL to find a 6mm axle for replacement. However it is a great throw in general, if you can find some replacement axles. The ultraviolet version looks beautiful , and

    I have to say that Magic is definitely improving its quality, and in this price range, the stealth has few competitors.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Commonly come back to the Stealth after picking up throws twice its price. Definitely in my top 3 along with the Recess Vacation, and One Drop Top Deck.

  3. 5 out of 5


    First, I’ve heard the pros and cons of this, so I knew what to expect…

    BUT I had no clue how amazing this thing would perform. It’s got a ton of rim weight, it’s unphased by sloppy tricks and I can combo about double my normal about.

    There is no way that a $50 throw should perform this good, but it just does. BUY IT… you’ll love it!

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