YoYoFREAKS # 100 Series

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The next release of the 100 Series is the # (Hashtag), this innovative bi-metal mini yoyo comes in at less than 42 MM! (41.9) making it the perfect pocket throw. The # will make you COMPLETELY forget you are playing with anything small when it comes to capability weighing in at 66 grams.
Fingerspins? no problem! Slack? Piece of Cake. Horizontal? Please… #DOES ANYTHING. Play so big you won’t even realize its small! This limited edition throw is coming at you in the release of the 100 Series (SPLASH). Individually numbered in 10 unique colorways: Unknown, Space Gasm, High Fade, Slip N Slide, Smash Time, Cherry Pop, Smurf Balls, Pop Rocks, Unicorn Jizz and girl… shake that Laffy Taffy.


Bearing Size

C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)




41.9 mm

Response System

19mm CBC Sized Pads


66 grams


38.85 mm

YoYo Material


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  1. 5 out of 5


    This yoyo is a miniature sized bi-metal yoyo that is amazing at fingerspins. It is bead blasted to a really smooth texture. It feels dead smooth. The weight of the yoyo is light but heavy for a mini yoyo. All Grinds on this yoyo are amazing!!!

    YoyoFreaks Hashtag feels really good while at play. It is excellent at speedy and techy type tricks. Despite it’s size, the yoyo can play well according to any style of play you do, although horizontal is a little difficult because of it’s size. Overall, I highly recommend this yoyo and in my opinion, it is the best miniature sized yoyo out there right now.

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