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We are pleased to announce the release of the POM version of the Gargantua. As with the POM Diffusion,The POM Gargantua retains the body shape of the original model, but is made of POM (Polyacetal) resin. The sheer size of the Gargantua combined with the high density of the POM material makes for a weight distribution which gives the POM Gargantua the spin power usually only associated with metallic yo-yos. The catch-zone has been blast-treated to give it a smooth satin finish which gives it a totally different feel to the original Gargantua.

Due to the nature of the POM resin, POM Gargantuas are more susceptible to vibration whilst spinning than the original Gargantua. POM Gargantuas do not ship with thin bearings.

Bearing Size

C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)

Bearing Type

YoYoRecreation Double Straight




44 mm


72 grams

YoYo Material



1A (Single Handed), 3A (Two Handed String), 5A (Freehand)


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