iYoYo Air Dive

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Based on the popular HiDRA shape, we thought: why not give that shape for Offstring a try?

AiR DiVE is unlike most offstring yoyos. It features massive rims, is slightly undersized for an offstring throw and has more power than I have ever felt in an offstring yoyo. Its design also allows for amazing fingerspin combos.

AiR DiVE has been tested by some of the World’s best Offstring players and we’re totally delighted to reveal that 2x European Champion Quentin Godet has joined Team iYoYo to use AiR DiVE for his upcoming contests!

Bearing Size

C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)

Bearing Type

Center Trac – Central Bearing Co




70.2 mm

Response System

19mm CBC Sized Pads

Skill Level

Advanced, Pro


77.1 g


59.7 mm

YoYo Material



4A (Offstring)


White, Blue, Yellow, Red

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  1. 4 out of 5


    This is a great off-string yoyo. While it’s not as big around as most, it’s slightly wider than my Blksens iMarc2’s or Yoyojam Tres, so just as as easy to hit with the string. It’s completely impervious to grinds on gravel (haven’t tried concrete), and amazing at horizontal finger grinds; it’s the first yoyo I’ve been able to finger-pop between two hands reliably. On the downside, I get more pronounced wobble on regens than on other yos — probably because of the weight distribution. On a clean throw, it’s *very* smooth. And it’s a bit heavier than I like — I’ll probably get used to that (it seems to weigh almost exactly as much as my Tres + Sunwoo light-ups) .

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