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We are proud to be in an amazing partnership with independent game studio Re-Logic who develop the open-ended 2D sandbox video game Terraria.

Lead designer and head of Re-Logic, Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, approached us in early 2015 with the idea of implementing our yo-yos into the game and we loved it. Over the next few months we worked with Re-Logic and “uploaded” some of your favorite One Drops into the vast digital landscape of Terraria. You’ll stumble upon models such as the Cascade, Valor, Yelets and much more throughout your journey in the game. As you draw near the end of your adventure, you’ll encounter the Moon Lord, widely known as the “Final Boss”. If you are able to take down this behemoth, you have a chance to receive the ultimate yo-yo in the game, the Terrarian. We decided to “download” the Terrarian and bring it to real life and pull the collaboration full circle.

We worked closely with Andrew and zoned in on his thoughts and ideas for designing the ultimate One Drop. The Terrarian sports a wide wing shaped profile that will never want to miss your string segments or enemies you’ll want to take down in the game! Thanks to a new machining technique, we were able to balance the weight distribution through the wall, boasting a powerful, yet floaty sensation during play. The Projection Profile is featured throughout the entire catch zone, with a subtle bump at the wing transition – it gives your nerve endings a unique feeling after a long critical combo. With Side Effects as the axle system, you have the opportunity to change how the yo-yo feels, plays and look.

The initial release of colorways are based on different “Biomes” you’ll find yourself exploring during your campaign in Terraria. Get lost in “Crimson” and take down a few Crimeras, or even do a little mining while you’re taking a stroll through “Surface Grass”. You’re truly the one creating the story.

Suit up and game on!


One Drop


55 mm


46.7 mm

Bearing Type

One Drop 10 Ball

Gap Width

4.32 mm

Bearing Size

C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)

Response System

One Drop Flow Groove

YoYo Material



1A (Single Handed), 3A (Two Handed String), 5A (Freehand)


Nickel, Snow, Meteorite, Martian Saucer

3 reviews for OneDrop Terrarian

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This yoyo really does an amazing job at meeting all your needs. It has a solid feel when you throw it and doesn’t feel as floaty for me. The yoyo really emphasizes it’s size woths its wide gap which makes harder tricks more bearable if you’re still learning. Overall it’s a great high end metal yoyo made by one of the greatest yoyo manufacturers.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I absolutely love this yoyo, it plays awesome. Super easy to bust out tricks I couldn’t hit with other yoyos. i love the weight its freakin perfect. I highly recommend this yoyo. If you’re doing like I did and mulling it over, just do yourself a favor and snag it because I guarantee you’ll be in love.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Best throw I own. It is a great all around. It has a wide gap which is more forgiving for newer and more experienced players. The feel in the hand is great. One Drop makes great throws. Also JD has the best customer service. Buy it! Plantera color way is the best

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