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What can we tell you about the Yoyofficer RAVE? We designed it from scratch, and we used the Bi-metal design to its maximum potential. We got feedback on prototypes from our team, from many top players at WYYC, and from many other people from all around the world to make the final product as good as possible. It’s the best yo-yo we ever made, rocking on stage and still super fun to just play day after day.

Being a Bi-metal design with so much weight on rims, it has a unique feel. On throw, it might feel heavier and more solid to you than it should for 65 grams, but after a short play, you will get to love that feeling. It can accelerate like nothing else, while you still keep great control over every movement. Not to mention its superb long and stable spin.
For 99 USD it’s not the cheapest yo-yo, but we think its price-to-performance value is just amazing.

Stainless steel rings and 6061 aluminum body.


55 mm


44 mm


65 grams

Bearing Type

Buddha Bearing Ripple (10 Ball, Concave, Grooved)

YoYo Material



YoYo Officer


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