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YoYoFREAKS would like to introduce The Hundred Series.

Established in 2001 YoYoFREAKS as an outlet for video work, it was time for a change.

The Hundred Series by YoYoFREAKS will focus on quality over quantity and collectability over accessibility. Price, Performance and Rarity come together to unite in the Hundred Series.

The blueprint: 100 YoYos | 10 Colorways | 1 Time Run | JD Designed.

Your Mom – will be the first JD release YoYo under released YoYoFREAKS. Your Mom was designed from the ground up by World YoYo Champion – Johnnie Delvalle.
JD designed this yoyo to become your EDC (Every Day Carry) it will become second nature to always have this yoyo with you. Your Mom comes in weighing at a solid mid-weighted 68 grams and it’s built to be capable of performing long sleep combos, great slacks, horizontals and GRINDMATTE™ finish that will grind like no other.


Bearing Size

C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)

Bearing Type

Buddha Bearing Dimple



Response System

Buddha Bearing White Buddha 19mm Pads

Skill Level

Advanced, Pro


67.9 grams

YoYo Material

6061 Aluminum


1A (Single Handed)


Unknown Censored Ed., SMASH Time, Smurf Balls, Uranus, Unicorn Jzzz, Hot Night, H8 Party, Money Shot, Pop Rocks, Space Gasm, Releases 1/25/17 @8:00 PM


56 mm

Gap Width

4.25 mm


44.2 mm


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