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Recently, the yo-yo world had felt that it has become more and more boring.

There is no novelty in the new products lined up in the yo-yo shop is, only price competition intensified.

A leading specialty store was also beginning to push the Chinese low-priced products of copy goods grazing. In order to cause a new wind to the stagnant atmosphere, it is was decided to Out of all of the goods at the national convention of June 2013 the end of 2012.

Of course there was a need to develop innovative new products aimed at it.

Three models concept at that time that were in my head.

Among them, whether or not the high-end models of Sleipnir were many of the most user in the team is completed, was the liver of this plan.

Size does not change.
Lighter, more powerful.
In the shape of the yo-yo is said to be complete, the challenge to this unreasonable demand.

Enough to be used by 20 people in four at last year’s World Finals, it is impossible in the recipe of the street up to this, even exceeding the Sleipnir was the degree of completion of the more it can be said that the perfect time, the key to evolution is material it was clear that is.

To pull out most performance is a material that has a different specific gravity, a new dimension of the yo-yo by combining effectively arrangement was born.

The finished prototype of the decision to change at all is the same day where I had to try to players that has been used in the main the Sleipnir before national convention.
Rather Sleipnir even the players did not use the main is now possible to switch to this draupnir.

The result is a debut 2013 1A Division Finals, finalists 16 in five people, including the winning Tokunofuchi players use, issued a suddenly great result.

The beloved beyond the weight and size, and the like favorite is the proof that with the overall performance than ever before.


※ NSK micro-made DS bearing from matte gunmetal color of May stock 2015 became a standard feature.

Bearing Size

C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)

Bearing Type





57 mm

Response System

IR Pads (19mm)

Skill Level



64 grams


43 mm

YoYo Material



Gun Metal


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